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When preparing for a move or clearing out space in your existing home, office, residential area, garage, storage unit, etc. the biggest struggle is junk. It is easy to get confused about what items to keep and which to dispose of – This is where Prestige Junk Removal steps in!

We remove the unwanted items and sweep up the whole area for our clients. Whether it’s a home, eviction, estate, garage, warehouse, foreclosure, office spaces, storage units, hoarders, restaurants, etc., we clean them all.

What Are Clean Outs?

Clean-out is a service that is different from regular trash pick-up. A standard garbage company usually offers you a bin for your home or business which you fill and they pick up. At Prestige Junk Removal we bring our trailer and load up your unwanted items. We will work to make a game plan as far as which items are set to be disposed or kept. Once all the junk is loaded we sweep the area and leave it looking good as new.

In most cases, you will call a junk removal company if you have more extensive trash to remove; for example, you are cleaning out your basement and don’t have enough space in your standard garbage bin to throw away the junk you have found. In this scenario, it is best to call a junk removal company for help. Similarly, if you have a series of sizable items such as furniture or large toys that you wanted out of your sight, you should make a call to a junk removal company.

What Does Prestige Junk Removal Offer You?

Prestige Junk Removal is like no other; we are not only trained but dedicated to offering quality services, including:

  • We provide services at reasonable prices
  • We provide same-day service
  • We care about the community hygiene
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction
  • We are environmently friendly
  • We provide our clean-out and haul-off service in various areas of Tulsa
  • We offer professional workers to take out the junk for you

How Is Prestige Junk Removal Different Than The Rest?

Prestige Junk Removal gives its clients an upper hand when it comes to cleaning out spaces. You tell us what to remove and what you want to keep, and our team will work accordingly.

Our skilled workers remove all of the unwanted items from your place and tidy up the area after picking up the junk. We dump all the trash and dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way.

Moreover, our services are not limited to home and offices, but we provide workers to clean the junk from your estate, warehouse, storage units, hoarder-houses, restaurants, and more.

If your junk is giving you a hard time, call Prestige Junk Removal to clean up the place for you.

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